Mike, you may not be on earth my friend but I know one day we will meet again.
We all will cope in many way's there will be good and bad days to come our way.
We'll all miss that boisterous voice, your smile your wit and determination to never quit.
You touched so many people's lives from the moment they met you... they were amazed by your size.
I remember when I met you in biology class, we talked about cars you said yours was FAST.
You needed a ride the "OLDS" was down for repairs so I drove you home I didn't care.
We pulled in the driveway you lived on the "Lake", I remember the sound of that old noisy gate.
You said to come over anytime I'd like. I could fish off the dock and the dogs wouldn't bite.
I took you up on your offer to fish off the dock.
I don't think we fished I think we just talked,, and you drove my camaro around the block.
A friendship grew in those couple days it branched out to others along the way.
I thought of you as a big brother to keep me in line...although we did have some wild crazy times.
I know life on earth will not be the same, there's a void in our hearts we all share the pain.
Mike, we will all stay strong its what you would want us to do.
We will never forget the friend that was YOU.

By Joey Hetu